Cheats for GTA Online


There are no cheat codes for GTA Online

The purpose of this page is to confirm 100% that there are no cheat codes for GTA Online. If you want in-game cash you’ll need to either earn it or purchase it.

We also have hundreds of tips, tricks and guides that will help you in GTA Online – including how to make money!

The reason there is no cheat codes is primarily because GTA Online is a multiplayer game designed to be played against/with other gamers, and here at GTA 5 Cheats we do not condone cheating against other people – that just isn’t fair!

Rockstar also recently (with the release of patch 1.29 for GTA V) increased the punishments for cheating in GTA Online and also changed the methods they use to detect cheating… Essentially you won’t be able to get around it/defeat the system, and we suggest you don’t try!

Looking for a reliable team for online Heists? Click here and leave a comment with your nickname and system to find other GTA 5 Cheats fans to play with! Also, if you’re looking for free $GTA, you’ll need to look elsewhere!
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    • ayman

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    ya agreed

  • Angela Paterson

    That’s really weird because I need codes to unlock things plus kill other players

    • Mikey

      you can just level up and then unlock them there is no need for cheats. Play with very high levelled people and do jobs with them for more money and experience to level up a lot quicker. That’s what I did. If anyone is on PS3 feel free to add me

      • Ted

        can u help me Im new on GTA 5 online

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          Psn Dion618A Level 219 for now lol on Gta V legitly

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    I don’t prefer cheats either but what do you do when you waste a whole round hitting a player and just walk up and kill u

    • prince

      i know

    • ANON

      True I don’t like to use MOD or cheats ether but when dudes attack you with his mod and cheats its really annoy how he never die and ammos never runs out so if you cant beat them be them.

      • Sourav Dutta

        What is MOD??

        Can you tell me??

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    how to add friends

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  • Dylan McCollam

    It be great if there was a money cheat, like there was on GTA San Andreas.

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      there is a money glich on gta 5 online

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          I know it is so cool and I don’t die its a cheat on know that I won’t die for hours

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            add me hoggyboy23 had to make a new account someone hacked my old one so starting with no money or cars thanks if you do

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    how do you get immortality cheat codes

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    do you have chet for wepens

    • Entrep

      Only for single player mode. Click the PS3 or Xbox 360 icon

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      yea its really easy

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    I did a cheat I did a RANK cheat I made the cheat make me get to rank 1000

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    Can I get 900,000,000 online? I don’t care about my rank PAPER-gangster14 on ps4

  • Guillaume76

    name guitoune76 200.000.000$ rank 100. thanks.

  • Ilya bondarenko

    I want plese 100,000,000 rank in gta v online pc3

  • Jakub Gończewski

    0neHunterPL 100.000.000 $ rank 39

  • Pedro Henrique Guima

    Only 10.000.000 for Guilmans on online please? $ Ranking 124

  • Robert Dale Whitlow

    I just need all vehicles and weapons unlocked for gta5 on ps3. Id: robjo73

  • Elijah Irug

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, can you give me $130,000,000 and rank 130 for GTA V online on ps3 pleaaaaaaaase? 😀 thankyou so much !! 😉 my user name is kikomaaan

  • Fabian

    hai, can you pls give me 1000000000 money and rank 1000 and all vehicles and weapons unlocked for GTA 5 online on xbox 360 thx so much
    my user Fabiiiiii97 thx

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    please give me 1000000 name simonkko

  • Czaxss l

    Please!!! give me 3.000.000 money name

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    Please give me 10.000.000 money and rank 250 GTA V online… my user : zztopz64

    • zztopz64


      • zztopz64

        Thank You 🙂

    • Robin

      Did it work?

  • Dr_fixit772

    can you give me 10.00000.00000.0000 Dr_FixiT772

  • mike05

    Need a billion, and level 130. Thank you. Xbox 360 Id: KlLL J0KER

  • Daniel Parras

    200,000,000 $ i don’t care rank. Daniriko-95 con ps3

  • IceWerid

    IceWeird pc pls give me 200,000,000

    • IceWerid

      and 100 lvl plsss


    pls 200,000,000 KPEBETKO15 PC and 100 lvl

  • jordi

    Hello Mate may I Be Ranked and out of bad sport plz and thx i need lvl 420 or 420-1000.

  • DusteR

    $600,000,000 rank not a big deal. Thank you. Im running PC, gamertag – DusteRx6

  • Ether

    Please! Give me 36.000.000 money. Name ETI-IER

    • Ether

      Im running PC

  • Just a player

    tachgila2281337,i am playing on PC,I really would like somehting like 150,000,000,000 ,thank you

  • mr_momo_1

    Can i get like 250 000 000 on gta online ps4 my name is mr_momo_1

  • The_Zippo

    Hi! Can i get 15 000 000$ and 70 rank. My nickname: The_Zippo Thanks a lot =)

    • The_Zippo


  • Renè Färber

    x_HoTcH_x Can I get 250.000.000$ Pleaseeee… [PS3]

  • Robin

    Hi! Can i get 15 000 000$ and 70 rank. My nickname: Esarp430
    Thanks a lot

    • Robin


  • tom

    hi can i get 50.000.000 pleaseeeee my nickname is Dutch_Gaming1763 pc thank

  • Guus Maillé

    Hi can I Please get 50.000.000 my name is guusmaille on ps4

  • Guus Maillé

    Hi can I Please get 50.000.000 my name is guusmaille on ps4

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    Can i get 50.000.000 please! I really need the money and im really struggling. Please help me out my name on my psn is bucek99

  • Joshua Mitchell Winters

    25,000,000 please psn is wintersj on ps3 if possible

  • Pedro Rui Silva

    hi all i ned help for money GTA for ps3 50.000.000 my name is raziel666lck

  • parkop99

    Please give me 50 000 000 and lvl 100 my name is parkop99 ps3

  • Trần Công Minh

    Please give me 50 000 000 and lvl 100 my name is MinhPJ PC

  • Trần Công Minh

    Please give me 50 000 000 and lvl 100 my name is Harukokira pc

  • flley

    Please give me 50 000 000 and lvl 100 my name is flleyetcompagnie pc

  • Timmy Tan

    Please give me 50 000 000 or More money and lvl 100 in PS3, my name is jhanmyr28 in GTA V

  • markyboyboom

    Can I get some money? My name is markyboyboom

  • theMhydo

    Please give me some money in ps4 my name is theMhydo thank you.

  • Arron Town

    Hi im rank 21 and really stuggling with money my psn name is deazle but my name in GTA is wyte and I would like to ask you guys for some help in makeing me some money. if you can Email me at

  • Paulina Pawłowskav

    Please give me 90 level and 50 000 000 money please. I have gta 5 on pc

  • natanser

    pls give me 10 000 000 money my name is Bugly1

  • natanser


  • blibort

    May I please have some money, Xbox 360 Freemans Clone. 100,000,000$. Thanks!

  • blibort

    Sorry if not that specific, Console:Xbox 360 and My gamertag: Freemans Clone. sorry and thank you!

  • luis0997


  • m3hrr3t1ch

    Hey can I have 20.000.000$ , ps3 Name : m3hrr3t1ch

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    Hi can i have 20.000.000 $ Name : LPWepvp

  • Josephine I. Chevere

    Hi can I get $50.000.000 my psn name is jay5222

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    hi can i please have $20.000.000 thank u my psn name is QueenKae

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    Hi can I get 40.000.000 $ my psn name is kuba12066 thanks 😀 PS. my console ps3

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    Can you give my money 50.000.000 and 200rp on my ps3 my name dip4chips

  • Dani dip4chips

    And lvl on rank 200 i will lvl on rank 200 plz :}

  • DangerJosh7

    hey please can you give me $50,000,000 and rank me up to level 600 please my name is DangerJosh7 🙂

  • daniel2728

    Hi can i get $50,000,000? I play gta5 on pc and my name is daniel2728

  • Guilherme Tamanho

    plz $50.000.000 ande RP 100 (ps3) (nickname: cheatzin)

  • Damo

    Can u giv me 2000000 pls. Name sockymann gtaV PS3. Thanks

  • Renat

    can you give me 600.000.000. Nickname: RenatPin
    Console PS3

  • LevenKhan

    can u give 50.000.000. Nickname: LeventKhan PC

  • vojtek_cz

    Can you give 50M $ to nickname: Vojtek_cz . On PC

  • vojtek_cz

    Sorry i need levels 🙁

  • Krzysztof Dreher

    can u give 20.000.000$ on PC Nickname: Drehu19

  • Debbie

    Can you give me 670000 pls on Xbox 360 nickname is algebraicsage36

  • Debbie

    Not 670000 64.000.000

  • Emilio Arroyo

    Can you give me 5000000 plz my gamertag is sulkytree 838084 on Xbox 360 plzzz and thanks

  • Kfjjgy

    Can u give me 70 million $ in gta v ps3 nick kfjjgy

  • Dyshawn Grayer

    Can you give me 600,000,000$ on gta online ps3 user gamertag(nasty_boi1234) thanks!!!!!

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    hi can you give me $5 Millon plz on GTA V ps3 user gamertag (upthedale69) Please Thanks!!

  • Matus Begala

    Hi can you give me please 20,000,000$ on PS3
    My user gamertag- Hunter_Begi

  • TrolU

    Please give me some cash. Nick: TrolU1985

  • Matus Begala

    Hi verry please can you give me 10,000,000$ on PS3 verry please. My nickname is: Hunter_Begi

  • NitroAnarchy

    Can you give me 600,000,000$ on gta online pc user gamertag(NitroAnarchy) thanks!!!!!

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    Give me 2 mln $ pc nick: DymitrP

  • DymitrP

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    please can you give me 40,000,000$ on PS3 verry please. My nickname is: t1mashk0v

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    can you give me 50,000,000$ on PS3 please. My nickname is: stefansandro

    • Stefan


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    Can you give me 50,000,000$ on ps3 please. My nickname is: superjojo_33

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    Fan you give me 99m$ ps4 :FailKingKong

  • Superjojo33

    Can you give me 50,000,000$ on PS3 please. My nickname is: Superjojo_33

  • Kiwi

    Can you give me $10000000 nickname kiwi gamer2

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    Can you give me $50.000.000 nickname ErickCok on pc please

  • Liam

    CAN i have 50 000 000 $ plz m’y Nickname is : liam Varin
    On ps3

  • Robert Walda

    Hello can i hawe pls 50 000 000$on PC nick name ProblematixCz, thx u so much

  • Rysiasty

    Please give me 1 mld $ on pc nick: Oko_Saromona thanks

  • Vika

    Give me 1 mld $ on XBOX360 nick: Wikta80 , thanks 🙂

  • alla

    Can I have 10 mld on ps3, Nick: Noah272å

  • alla

    10 mld on ps3 nick: Noah272å

  • Alex Bontoft

    Can I have 10b nick: alexgamerboy25

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  • boing1995

    I have 100 000 000 nick.

  • Felipe Rezende

    CAN i have 100 000 000 $ plz m’y Nickname is : wiseElephant

  • Why_Not_Gunther

    100,000,000$ please. Why_Not_Gunther

  • Tim the Game reviewer (iOSgame

    Can I have 10,000,000,000 on xbox 360 gamer tag: timothyhedberg

  • Lanre

    Can I have 100,000,000 dollars please


  • David Studdard

    Hey worth a shot any can help I only got 23,342 so yeah this suxs lol I have a ps3 DSuddard24-501 so any one can hook me up with some $$$ thanks or tell me how thanks again

  • ome1237

    GT: Gamer Thrillz i would like to be in a adult crew.
    Console XB1

  • Stefan

    Kan I have 50 000 000$? Please,.. My nick stefansandro
    Thank you!

  • teeko91

    could i have 20,000,000 please, name is TEEKO91

  • Dafuq

    can i have 10mil please? find me on PC: AdakahCintanya

  • fdv

    can i got pls nickname:SteakKran205

  • malkius

    give me 50 000 000 nick: malkius

  • blsmihai

    i want 10.000.000 pls, nick: BLsMihai

  • holison

    i want 10.000.000 pls nick: Beec_98

    • holison


  • Masster Boos

    give me 50 000 000 nick:MelbonCZ

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    give me 100,000,000 ps4:Zuper65

  • Mohamed

    Give 100million please

  • ida

    100 million

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    give me T20

  • arian


  • Jensbeastboy

    Five my 10.000.000 nickname:jensbeastboy

  • Aaron

    Give me alot please like alot alot aaronrf14

  • omod123

    Can you give me 30 mil $ pleas omod123 name in game

  • Pasci

    Give me pls 3000000 Dollar, Nickname PasciGamingPG

  • Omar Khaled

    please i am broke and cant make money please send me money nickname bata20002000

  • aleckgxo

    hey, could anyone give me some money pls, u know its hard playing this game with little money, at least 20.000.000 $ pls anyone, playing on PC, nickname: aleckgxo

  • Marcel Fudor

    if somebody give me 10 milions i will be happy 😀 Nick :

  • Tyrone Manwhocares Reynolds

    can I get $200,000,000.00 on ps3 please nicknames B_O_S_S-LADY1990, and whydisguy24 thank you

  • Selçuk Geçmez

    Oxygen1453 please $ thanks

  • Pan Wilson

    Give me please 50,000,000 $, I need to DLC: Nickname —> TenBanny. Thx 🙂

  • Brandon Bell

    Need money ps3: beastbrand331

  • Mateusz Wojciechowski

    I need money PC: mati22042

  • ZenseY

    PC: ZenseY

  • ZenseY

    PC: ZenseY

  • donovader123

    ps4 Don_Suli_786 100 million please

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    djnaviss pc 900 000 000 pls

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    VienaCore PC 30.000.000 please

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    V SoHyped: Xbox one 10,000,000 please, that’s all i ask for.

  • omer

    omer3012 pc 10000000

  • Le_SJ

    PS4: Sjoerd_is_de_man $50.000.000 pleaseee?

  • Li

    Money please PC:LiKinHang

  • famevoron

    FameVoron (PC): Give me 30 million please

  • rorytha

    rorytha (pc) 40 million please

  • filipisko16

    10 mil. please

    • piticko987

      Please take me 50 000 000.
      My name in the game is piticko987

  • Filipisko16

    Filipisko16 (pc ) 10 mil please

  • Jurino

    PC JurinoSV give me 50 mil please

  • Nur Shobirin



  • Sneakel

    PS3: Sneakeltje
    10 MIL PLEASE.

  • Wissam


  • Alper

    Alperen585 20 mil please

  • Steve

    Ps4 (LTSeaborn) $100 million please and thank you

  • Ryan

    Xbox one
    sox rokx 1220
    100.000.000 Please <3

  • Mickey Rama

    MickeyRama13 Xbox 360 20 mil please

  • Jelle

    Jelleboy2000 xbox360 15 mil

  • Landon

    landon2215, ps4, $50 mil please

  • Cody

    50 million please!!

  • aadne


  • aadne

    Ps3:Odne212 $50 mil please

  • Tebz3k

    Ps4 Tebz3000: 50 million is all i ask. Thank you in advance

  • joshua thompson

    Does this even work xD.
    If it does I’m on ps3,My nickname is Skilla-555 and I need 75million if u add it thank you

  • Kaleb

    50 million please kshaw54

    • Kaleb

      Xbox 360

  • Adolfo

    Ps4 AftaDeathKILLA13 fifty mill please

  • ezekiel

    100,000,000,000,000 plez for c-dawg199614 online plez thanks

  • Andrew James

    100,000,000 for FIRE x DEVIL please and thank you xbox one

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    PC dreanad 13.000.000 $ plz

  • Bob

    PS3 Fazershot20 $1 000 000 000 plz

  • Persil Thierry

    PS4 Pierrick2000 8 000 000$ please for yacht

  • cole gaertner

    pc ColePlaysFTW 10,000,000 plz

  • Austin

    PS4 ID:


    90 MIL plz

  • Aaron

    Ps4 gamer tag: A-RODakaBIGJADA

  • Aaron

    Ps4 gamer tag : A-RODakaBIGJADA 50 million please and thank you

  • Patryk Ptak

    PC StalionV18 20,000,000 million please

  • Vic Major

    Xbox360 urbanpatrol 10 million please thank you

  • Krystian Śmigielski

    PC: KAPEGOZz 5 milion please

  • Aiex

    PS4: LL-Aieex-LL 20 milion please

    • Krystian Śmigielski

      its working ?

      • Aiex

        no :s

        • Krystian Śmigielski


  • Oğuzhan Kaya

    pc: X.Pinkman 50 milion please

    • Krystian Śmigielski

      working ?

  • Adam Motl

    I want 14,000,000,000 nick name AdyssM and i’m on PC

  • gianni

    I want 10.000.000 (ten milion). ShiftyJam on X Box 360

  • majulik


  • nudd

    online name is ollienudd need money ! on ps3


    Can i have 300.000.000$ and 150.000.000RP please AK47LUIGI (xbox one).


    Can i have 300.000.000$ and 150.000.000RP please AK47LUIGI (xbox one)..

  • revilo3321

    hello please can i have 200,000,000$ and 100,000,000 RP please ? 😀 Revilo3321 (PS3)

  • revilo3321

    hello please can i have 200,000,000$ and 100,000,000 RP please ? 😀 Revilo3321 (PS3)

  • TacticalChaos_

    hello may i please have $30,000,000 100,000 RP please, on PC, TacticalChaos_

  • Mauritd

    Plz $100,000,000 100000 RP plz name: Leeuwtjeh on Xbox 360

  • Patrick Sokuone Arrtt

    Please 15.000.000 Dollar on ps4 gta 5 online Name Klatscheier18 the bro

  • Deonauth Surat

    Please can I have 100,000,000 rp and 2 billion please thanks ReCKLeSsReeFeR

  • Adfwfw Efwefwef

    Please i new player can u give me 2 billion and a lot of rp pls (PC) nick TheSkate875

  • Farid Arifi

    please can I have 99999999999999999999 nick WYMAN_MOCRO

  • H7Kx915

    please can I have 10000000000 (xbox one) nick H7Kx915

  • H7Kx916

    please can I have 200000000000 (Xbox One) nick name: H7Kx916


    Please can i have (20000000 ps3)
    Nick herkules719


    Please take me 2000000000 dolars in gta5 online my nick herkules719


    Please take me 20000000 dolars in gta5 ps3 nick herkules719

  • Andy Bekker

    10 million PC Bekkstasy

  • Duce

    powaman27 i need a good heist crew anyone wanna go at it with me. please can i have 10,000,000

  • Duce

    just message me on ps3 powaman27

  • Marko Lensu

    Need 1-3million PS4. Add me psn fahgfoahga124

  • Asar

    Give me money,please.PC.Nickname:TryWinMe

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    Please give me 50000000 my psn id is Sherwin2024 ps3

  • Bolinha P

    Gimme some money ;D SUMIENIE1 ps3 :DD Ofc if u can ;d

  • Bolinha P

    Gimme some money ;D SUMIENIE1 ps3 :DD Ofc if u can ;d

  • Chunji

    Please give me 1400000000

  • Krystian Grądziel

    please give me some money :DD nick: krystx2121

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  • GermanRusher

    Please give me 90000000 my psn id is Sibbix3 ps3

  • Bjarne Hvammdal Neråsen

    I want 20,000,000,000 nick name Bjattni and i’m on PC please 🙂

  • ikeeteenappel

    Please give me 999999 $ on ps3
    Name: ikeeteenappel95

  • ikeeteenappel

    Please give me 999999 $ on ps3
    Name: ikeeteenappel95

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    Please give me 99999999999,99999999999,99999999999$
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  • FBSchistian

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    I would just love 50 000000
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    I just want 200000 to get started al3xpac1234


    I just want 200000000000 my name is MENTALJUNIOR


    And it’s PS3

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    I would like 800000 please name is GBXXM

  • sam

    And it’s PS4

  • sam

    And can I have 900000

  • sam

    RP please

  • Tuld

    $599999223 please!! My Name is Tuldbluck

  • Adfwfw Efwefwef

    Pls give me 23 milion $ My Nick in Gta is TheSkate875

  • Salahdin

    I just want money 50000000 please bro u can join psn ps3 the name ID E35A73D

  • Antonio

    pls give me 100 milion $ pls my name imJake69

    • Emma

      Did they give it to you

  • Emma

    May I please have 10000000 my name on Xbox 1 is gloom make

  • Emma


  • Emma

    I would highly appreciate it

  • Charlotte Plows

    Are they giving anyone money really need it on ps3 preferably 1k

  • Emil

    Can i get 100 milion plis!!!! Plis!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Emil

      On ps4

  • Marwat12


  • Marwat12


  • Antony Garrison


  • Kacper

    Can you get me 100.000.000 $ ? Please – Kacperziel on PC

  • davygery

    $100000000 on ps3 pls, my name is davygery

  • Sindre

    Can u give me 100.000.000 on ps4, gamertag Marijon

  • Sindre

    Are they giving it to you or

  • Sindre

    Can someone give me money

  • Adrian4065

    Can you please give my son 2000000 on ps3 his name is adrian4065 thanks

  • Jacopo Maffini

    Can You give me 20000000$ on PC please? Maffo1993

  • Jacopo Maffini

    it’s very important to me…20kk please on PC…Maffo1993

  • Robbie_NL

    $50000000 PLS Name:Robbie_NL

  • Илья Кадыков

    Can you please give me 3000000$ On PS3 my name iliakad

  • Chia wai quen

    can some hacker note my name; D0ntPlayplay and help me out money problem gta v online pc

  • rxndon

    Can i have money pls my freinds have loads of money and loads of sick cars and i dont have hardley any thing so pls could i have free money to get a house and cars also to help me and follow ManlikeRondon on ps4

  • Altzan260

    ill tell you this now my friend has a mod called jordans menu and he can use it freely on gta online
    because i have like over 10.2million dollars

  • Γιώργος Μαχαίρας

    hey buddy send me 1M thanks 🙂 my name is destroyermickey (ps3)

  • rui

    heyy send me pls 2m thanks my is blackandyelloou ps3 thx

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    1000000 please Bauman_octane

  • Drea

    Sennd me some $ pleaase 50000000 please (ps3) name xswiftwolf

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    Can you give me 100.000.000$ pls?(PC) slipknoter6

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    can i get a billion please? – nkdmansam

  • Ivan Galustyan

    20m please 🙂 – name BlAckStar22286 xbox360

  • AB Gaming

    can i get a billion plz. my ps4 name is Lindevej 46

  • Alwin

    Can i get 30m please :DDD name Xbox 360 :Edison C Jones

  • l

    Can i get 30mln name pc wirus4444

  • disqus_F2ZNQGrxCa

    Can i get 30mln name pc Ownejee322

  • Silas Jocham

    can you give me 5000000 $ on my PC please _CityBanger_

  • Olaf Zołotar

    Can you give me 50mln name pc: refciu554 Thanks

  • Jorick

    Dan You give my 3mln my name is Jorick_16

  • Jorick

    Can you give my 3 mln? Ps4 name: Jorick_16

  • Fardeen

    Hey plsss can I get some money plsss I relly need) my id is (Fardeen2421 ps4)

  • Srdjan Petrovic

    Can someone give me only 1m,i have 5k only,tnx,my id is srki994 (ps3)

  • Jonathan

    I need money Bad can u plz help me out with 1.50000$ jcurwick ps3

  • Sara Nikolaisen

    Rank me up

  • Kyle cook

    I want to join a good crew an make millions or can someone teach me how to make millions, my name on ps4 is homeboi82

  • Dustin M

    Join my crew “Mulch Pimps”

  • floris_stoel

    Can you give me 9miliion ps4 name: floris_stoel

  • Luni Blood

    Can you please give me 50 billion dollars on ps3 name: LuniB_775

  • Andy

    If anyone would like to give me money or add me for missions feel free. PS4: andy_dogga

  • MrBossFTW

    You guys are crazy you will get ban!

    • mdotk

      Yeah, not sure why everyone keeps asking for money when the article above clearly says “There are no cheat codes for GTA Online” AND “If you’re looking for free $GTA, you’ll need to look elsewhere!”

  • Kaan

    Guys can you give me some money? Like 10M, Nick: Fleshcer

  • Adam Jones

    can you give me 2M? PC: The_New_Jones

  • Jhon Jhom

    1m pc socialclub: rosan5092

  • ASFJeromeTF

    Can you give me 30m Xbox360 ASFJeromeTF

  • christian mathies

    Can you give me 8mio ? PC :Shadow_Skorpion thanks 🙂

  • Will S

    Hi, please could someone give me a reasonable amount of money (couple of million?) I’m really poor and new to gta v. Ps4 name: will3408

  • Fariko Mixx

    Can you please give me above 2million because I really want a T20.Thanks.Fariko mixx

  • The dude

    Can someone give be 10 million or less , or a moder thanks name monkeyhead67

  • Terrius

    I need money . XboxLive: TeeTerriusss .

  • Roberto

    Can someone give me 10 million, please? I’m really poor

  • gpmboy7

    Can you giv money please ps3- gpmboy7

  • Fortharth

    can u give me 20 millions pls I am so poor :/ pc – Fortharth

  • Mr. Wilson

    Hahahaha. Omg… What a sad people. Ooo I’m so poor give me 10 million??!?! Give me money. I’ve you are just doing some heists you’ve got your money.

  • Mr. Wilson

    Hahahaha. Omg… What a sad people. Ooo I’m so poor give me 10 million??!?! Give me money. I’ve you are just doing some heists you’ve got your money.

  • evakayia

    30,000,000 plz ps3 evakayia123

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    And next to that; the new anti-hack system of Rockstar is gonna to ban you if you get money from modders…. so don’t try it!

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