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The purpose of this page is to confirm 100% that there are no cheat codes for GTA Online. What we do have however is over one hundred hints, tips, strategies and other useful pieces of information that will help you in GTA Online – including making money!

The reason there is no cheat codes is primarily because GTA Online is a multiplayer game designed to be played against/with other gamers, and here at GTA 5 Cheats we do not condone cheating against other people.

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    • ayman

      بس كون اجاوب

  • michael de santa

    ya agreed

  • Angela Paterson

    That’s really weird because I need codes to unlock things plus kill other players

    • Mikey

      you can just level up and then unlock them there is no need for cheats. Play with very high levelled people and do jobs with them for more money and experience to level up a lot quicker. That’s what I did. If anyone is on PS3 feel free to add me

      • Ted

        can u help me Im new on GTA 5 online

        • Dion618A

          Psn Dion618A Level 219 for now lol on Gta V legitly

      • John Raymond

        Add me johnjrm1984 PS3 I hate cheaters too.

  • zach

    it don’t work u fonies

  • Thomas Robinson

    I don’t prefer cheats either but what do you do when you waste a whole round hitting a player and just walk up and kill u

    • prince

      i know

  • prince

    how to add friends

  • jm


  • Dylan McCollam

    It be great if there was a money cheat, like there was on GTA San Andreas.

    • kanye

      there is a money glich on gta 5 online

      • Interested Party

        What is it?

  • martin

    i need codes for gta5

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      there is one idiot

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  • Gta 5 creater

    you can feel free to add me lineZ_Graffiti

  • Kevin Lively


  • juinnj


  • franklin 247

    how do you get immortality cheat codes

  • Yamin

    How to make gta online

  • Tofik Nasrallah

    do you have chet for wepens

    • Entrep

      Only for single player mode. Click the PS3 or Xbox 360 icon

  • GTA hacker

    I did a cheat I did a RANK cheat I made the cheat make me get to rank 1000

    • graham


  • Ashley Barnes

    Plz can some1 help me level up fast and make loads of money so I can kill theses cheating sods Plz ps3. bigash18

  • dieutriche

    i love gta 5

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