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In case you skipped over the title and two images above, click here for the PS3 cheats for GTA V and click here for the Xbox 360 cheats. If you’re looking for cheats for the next-generation consoles, Xbox One cheats are here and PS4 cheats are here. We have all the cell phone cheats too and of course let’s not forget the PC cheats!

Otherwise, further below is the list of official cheats found for Grand Theft Auto V (the button combinations for which are accessible by clicking any one of the massive system controller icons you see on the site)… Happy (and safe) cheating!

List of Confirmed Cheats for GTA V

Player Effects


World Effects


Special Vehicles

  • Spawn Duke O’Death: ▶Demo Video
  • Spawn Kraken Sub/Go Go Monkey Blista: ▶Demo Video coming…
  • Spawn Dodo Airplane: ▶Demo Video coming…

  • ere


    • Cyclones19

      these cheats suck

      • Entrep

        Possibly because the game hasn’t been released and these are just cheats that COULD be in the game!

  • Ogiebear

    these are useless cheats and you are not being helpful.

    • Kenny Powers

      Maybe because the game has not even been released yet and the idea of this page is to tell us what cheats MIGHT be in GTA 5 when it is eventually released…

  • Blahblah

    should be more. 

    • Kenny Powers

      There will be once the game is released and the cheats are officially known

  • Waynefitt

    what  numbers did you yous on spawn vecalls

  • SODMG1

    maybe  that’s what they have so far and latter during the year before the game releases they will have more. I HOPE

  • anknown

    Do you know what will be called a character?

    • Entrep

      The name of the main character is not yet known…

      • omar

        there’s 3 protaganist one is named trevor the other is michael and the last one is franklin

        • Entrep

          Thanks for the update, that last comment was from when the details were not known

  • vestlus1

    I hope there will be flying cars!

    • Jayduneascar

      what a imagaine

    • that ruins the game

      • brenden

        screw you

    • brenden

      me to

    • Mister Sandman

      That’s unrealistic and retarded, GTA V WILL be made to be more realistic than the others and WILL ruin the game if put in, and I know they WILL not put it in, you dumb a s s

      • vestlus1

        how is that retarded? it wason gta san andreas and it was AWESOME

        • Trevor Phillips

          You apparently live under a rock, if you look at Rockstar’s statements, they say they are trying to make the game more realistic. And besides, it always made glitches like: no cars spawning, planes exploding at random, and cars and planes at the airports rolling backwards or exploding, basically, a true apocalypse. So, F U C K off

  • Jaydun

    i can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • brenden

      me to i just can not what!!

  • HD  tv here i come 

  • Luka

    Luka In GTA 5 are is going to be much more cheats like to get in a game parachute, submarine, rocket, trams and that you can drive faster cars like Larburgini and Ferrari.

    • Trevor Phillips

      Learn to spell you super retard no rocket or trams that’s completely unrealistic and GTA V is being made to be realistic you retard

  • beast

    yo im just saying that the new game should have more motive to it make more realalistic and more popular add some drive and rage to it i have every grand theft auto game ever made by u guys and im just saying everyone across the world has waited long enough for u guys with different date and all i think we should have more things in it better cars and more well better cars as luka said parachutes and subs rockets and planes ect; but most of all more cheats that will make everyone well happy and the cars need to be bugatti and ferrari and lambos and all the newest versions of the best luxury and sports cars in the world for 2012 and 2013. so come on people make it happen ur spendin long enough trying to fix the game add things as well plzzz. i love rockstar

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      We have added 500 more Mega Bytes of content into GTA V we enlisted the help of Bethesda and other companies in fixing the issues with the engine and some bugs, we also enlisted their help and experience with combat and mobility to fix the driving and on-foot steering, while Rockstar North added more content such as more vehicles, weapons, and customization items and options, taking a step away from GTA IV and towards the feel of customization of GTA SA and Saints Row 2 and The Third.We also made the pre-order and non-retail / DLC edition content.

  • we should can make our own character , it would be a really cool game

    • Mister Sandman

      No, its unrealistic, and GTA V is going to be made REALISTIC, you Chinese retard.

    • BIG T

      no it wouldnt be cool if we made our own character this isnt saints row it would ruin the whole gta experiance i like the aspect of the characters as they always are!

  • Dman4

    I hope there will be all kinds of aircrafts we can actually fly!!!!

    • Suraj Alditor Dafiranze

      yeah but the helicopted should be better than gta 4 like it was in just cause 2 and sains rows the third

      • MsHQit

        Great work Finally i got that.
        ” GTA best Game in the Game world. Play Online”

  • steven urbanus

    grand theft auto 5 rocks


      yea i wishe rockstar hade all of cool cars an air crafs and most of all cheats

      • Bomb Barrack Obama

        learn to spell you junkie!

    • brenden

      you are totally right

  • luis

    omg thats a v.good games

    • GTA Man

      Learn to actually spell right.


    i hope we can actually fly a pland this time

    • Trevor Phillips

      we will stop living under a dmn rock you super retard


    hope fully we get better cars and cool plans. and hopefully we can fly a plane.

    • Mister Sandman

      We will be able to fly a plane, stupid.Have you been living under a rock for the last 15 months?

      • MisterSandmanisagayman

        Well how about you have you been living in a sand castle or sandinyourmomsvagina

  • nikofunneyguy

    thears only one belive it. unless they add to ther plans?

    • GTA Man


  • boos444

    it should have have never wanted never die parachute helicopters double player

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      There will be no never die or never wanted cheats until 75 % completion or end of story. 😀

  • boos444

    u acn fly planes in gta san andreas

    • Mister GTA


  • boos444

    will the game be sold out or make the most money like san andreas with the newer version what will the price be for starters

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      $60 for Retail (regular) edition, $80 for Special Edition, $150 for Collectors Edition.



  • patrykl

    i hope there wll be chain saws again,under water ships and air busess

  • ngez

    what! no cheats these games are really hard

  • monkrazyman

    darn i know ill be disapointed

  • Sam Stinson

    i think they need to have lots of the cheat qualitities of san andreas, like flying cars and boats. also, it would be nice to unlock different clothes for once to with cheats, hasn’t happened in a long time. also infinite health, and when i say infinite health, i mean falling has ZERO damage, explosions have ZERO damage, guns have ZERO damage. like in saints row 3. there were some things in saints row 3 like the amount of stores tattoo parlours and car shops that were a one up from gta. and i think gta needs to take back there spot on top, because saints row is NOT better than gta, so show it to em.

  • liam

    i hope that we can fly all the planes in the airport and there will be loads of different helicopters rather than just 4

  • liam

    hopefully the game comes with the cheats on a list so we don’t have to research them


    i heard you can get it in 3DA!!!!!!!!

    • Mister Cool

      There’s no such thing as 3DA you virgin idiot.

  • Jumbo

    There is one thing we all agree on:BRINGING THE FUN FACTOR BACK!

    • Bang fo yo buck

      YES! That would be a D*MN GOOD agreement!

  • Guest

    there should be online multiplayer

    • Guest

      hey i said that first

    • Mister FUC – BOOM!


  • brenden

    i wish there is online multiplayer like gta 4

    • Trevor Phillips

      It will you retard you need to get out from under a dmn rock

  • Swag For Carrots

    yeah man i cant wait and at least let us drive planes come on if you dont want us to react 911 dont put the twin towers in the game this time and i hope there is tanks instead of a apc now and let us drive jumbo jets like back in san andreas

    • Mister Sandman

      Umm, are YOU an idiot?The reason there where no planes in the game was because the map was too big and the game engine RAGE wouldn’t let you fly planes because the physics were different.AND NO IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF THE TWIN TOWERS YOU IDIOT!The new RAGE-Euphoria engine will allow you to fly because of the physics of the Euphoria engine which is the same engine in Just Cause 2.There will probably be no jumbo jets in GTA V unless scripted because of the RAGE engine which means it CAN NOT be flown if you would like me to dumb it down for you.

  • andi rieju mrt

    armor, aircraft, jetpack, parachutes, helicopters, just like in GTA 4 … that would be really cool! 😉

    • Trevor Phillips

      There where no jetpacks or parachutes in GTA IV parachutes were in TBOGT but still get YOUR facts right

      • dprpancho

        Buhh it still gta 4 jackass

        • Mista Obama Killer

          F*ck off its still Episodes From Liberty City so GTFO B*tch

      • SomeonEYouDontKnow

        Trevor Phillips Why don’t you stop being a smartass

  • andi rieju mrt

    the cheats should be stored as a cell phone in GTA 4!

  • andi rieju mrt

    cool cars like: Lamborghini, Bugatti and mustang as motorcycles and atv’s!

    • Jay

      BUGATTI!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE My favourite car of ll time!!

      • GTA V Fanboi

        Mine too – can’t wait to drive it!

  • arl kenneth torio

    i am a number fan and user of GTA.. i wanna know some cheats including GTA5

  • triplex190

    I can’t wait to play it!

  • Orfinian

    Cars Fly from GTA san andreas

    • GTA Man

      Umm, no, that’s unrealistic, so, GTFO

  • DatGTAOneNumerous

    I want infinite health and ammo. And I want Infinite Health to mean INFINITE HEALTH.

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      No infinite health and / or ammo until 75 % completion and / or ending the story

  • DatGTAOneNumerous

    AND “Wanted level never rises”

  • gangsta

    huge bunny hops on bicycles,smoke a cigarette,infinite health and ammo,money cheat,flying cars,moon jump,never wanted or remove wanted level inivisble cars,get married,get buff,get hella cool and fast cars,spawn cars aircrafts,parishoot,jet pack


      now thats what im talkin about

      • Samuel Cherry

        how do you get never wanted bro

    • kieron

      what buttons are the money cheat or ps3

  • meeeee

    pimped cars

  • andrew knighton

    i am geting grand theft auto for c-mas or in this month or something like that

    • GTA Man


    • GTA Man


  • jster

    i hope there is a tank

    • RockstarTM Developer Team

      There will be 😀

  • RockstarGames

    Hello, I am one of the Rockstar Games Game Designers and I have made it that we can fly U.S Airforces. There are better graphics than Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4), However I am not a game Publisher.Therefore I was only noticed that Grand Theft Auto V will be Coming In 2012.(The reason it didn’t come out is because We only have 2,000 copies of the game.And we have to check each game to see if its glitching or not.)

    • Rockstar Employee Conduct Team

      I am aware that you are NOT an employee.How do I know this?I work for the Rockstar Games Employee Conduct & Verification Team.We checked your IP, we have been granted permission to log in to your account & we have been granted permission to : monitor your computers browsing history ( Even if you wipe the history of your computers browser and / or hard drive, its still PERMANENTLY installed into the log of your IP server. ), seize your computer if we need to, ban your IP permanently, and issue you a fine of $250,000-$5,000,000, we can also sentence you ( In a court of law. ) to 5-15 years in prison.




      • deathangles0110

        well that escalated quickly!

      • ………


        • Rockstar Employee Conduct Team

          That message was deleted because of a typo, and that “developer” is not part of Rockstar, we don’t let employees leak information on our games, he’d be fired right now, but he isn’t, because he isn’t a developer.

    • Iknow4567

      You fool

    • Samuel Cherry

      how do not ever get wanted

    • Nazmul Haque

      I have only one important question for you did you guys put the FIB Buffalo on the next gen consoles or did you completely removed from the game in next Gen consoles.

      • new guy

        At the satellite dishes on gta5 at exactly 10:03 2 fib vehicles appear you can take it and will not raise a warning level at all but before ur phone says 10:00 you need to face the prison at 10:03 turn around and get the fib suv or car

  • Oakie

    They should have a cheat allowing the police to recognize you as an officer. Give you the suit and they will assist you in a shoot out or chase

    • GTA Man

      Now that is a lazy cheat I would LOVE!Also I wish we could spawn every police car, police helicopter, police boat and military vehicle!Lazy cheats orientated on the authorities is AWESOME!THUMBS UP!

  • omega

    a ufo firing laser Christmas tree cannon orbital strict

    • Mister Sandman

      Umm, are you a retard?Thats completely unrealistic, Grand Theft Auto V is being made to be realistic, not retarded like YOU!

  • Jay

    Aircraft – Boeing 757 – 555-555-1366

    Aircraft- Fighter Jet – 555-555-2194

    Hovercraft – 123-055- 8112

    Wanted Level Never Raises – 156-791-5545

    Car Spawn List – 168-836-4378

    Infinite Money – 193-628-1173

    Weapon List 1- 857-299-6556:
    Grenade Launcher
    Smoke Grenades (Makes nearby civilians cough and fall to the ground)
    Pump-Action Shotgun

    Weapon List 2- 857-299-3552:
    Throwing Knives
    Brass Knuckles
    Metal Baseball Bat
    Semi-Auto Shotgun
    Explosive Sniper

    Weather – 190-0537-1136:
    Extremely Sunny
    Extreme Wind

    Time Of Day – 417-893-7352:

    Apocalypse – 055-132-1362


    -Buy a house
    -Buy Cars
    -Tune Cars
    -Furnish House
    -Realistic Car Damage

    Thats about it! Thanks 🙂

    • GTA V Fanboi

      Wow, nice work here. This is a cool list!

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      The AK-47 isn’t in GTA V it’s the Norinco Type 56-Mark 2.The AK47 and AK74 don’t have the adapter for the suppressors shown in the game while the Type 56-Mark 2 does have an adapter.The Type 56-Mark 2 is a Chinese version of the AK47 / AK74 and the difference between the AK47 and 74 is the AK47 has a bigger round and tumbles around inside the wound (7.62x39mm M43/M67) and the AK74 is a smaller round designed to go straight clean through (5.45x39mm M74).If you say the AK47 and AK74 can have a suppressor (Not a silencer, you can’t make a gun silent, Call of Duty id’s and gun id’s.),it DOES NOT have the adapter or adapter mount and you CAN NOT HAVE A SUPPRESSOR ADAPTOR OR SUPRESSOR ON AN AK47 OR AK74!Also the AK series does NOT have the plastic stock, pistol grip, and handguard.You can buy vehicles and houses but you must pay the bills (needed), get gas (optional), buy groceries (optional), take care of pets (optional, unconfirmed, when you don’t feed them or abuse them your house WILL be raided by law enforcement, you will be arrested, be fined 4000 dollars minimum per pet and you WILL be evicted from your house, also having stuff stored there repossessed.), eat and drink (optional), buy furniture and essentials (needed), buy garges and helipads (for cars and helicopters, needed) and clean it or / and hire AND pay cleaners (needed, unconfirmed).Realistic Car Damage will be optional.No Boeing 757 because it doesn’t exist.Possibly no airliner because it’s so big.No nunchuks throwing knives or brass knuckles (non-realistic, impractical against armored enemies and firearms, usually miss and do NO damages.)NO infinite money cheat until after 75 % completion or end of story.NO apocalypse cheat because it would freeze or completely lag for ANY processor and graphics card, its also unrealistic.Overall, GTA V will be made to be realistic and if the optional and unconfirmed are there then they WILL BE as I described.I am part of the RockstarTM Community Relations Team and I have been cleared to tell you this. P.S. I am also a gun nut if you have any more questions then just reply.

  • rivel

    gta 5 is not avilable in ps3 and pc not cool

    • Entrep

      It is coming for PS3!

  • omar

    how bout the cheat for the protaganist that let’s him hire pedestrians in his gang like in gta san andreas

    • Entrep

      That could even be a bona fide feature of the game

    • RockstarTM Developer Team

      No gangs except for Franklin!Sorry! :'(

  • mac

    is there a flying cheat

    • Entrep

      This is not 100% confirmed, but it is quite likely. At least we hope so!

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      No.There will be NO flying cheats.Game’s already finished, shipping to stores on August 15th and already being glitch checked.Oh well, at least we the game ;D and we also have cheats like “cops assist you” which spawns a Vapid Police Interceptor (Basically a Ford Taurus Police Interceptor , GTA style.) and gives you pepper spray, a taser, a Glock, an M4A1 (Because it’s 2013, and the US has adopted the M4A1 as a backup special weapon to replace shotguns.) and an LS PD (or Blaine County Sheriffs Office Uniform and Sheriffs Cruiser, SWAT Uniform with an option to put on a full face FM50 gas mask and have the tags say Sheriff or Police, with an armor and helmet and SWAT van, or an army uniform with the option to put on a full face FM50 gas mask and helmet and vest with hydra, humvee, tank or MRAP Cougar, or wear a patrol cap and regular fatigues or wear just fatigues in MultiCam or Digital Camouflage.)That’s just one cheat with lots of options which make the authorities help you but we will have dozens of more cheats that let you do more stuff! 😀

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      Also, the cheats can allow you to call for backup, arrest people, respond to crimes, patrol the highways, freeways, bridges and generally the entire district you look like you belong to (Except the Army, you get to patrol the entire map and do stuff like shoot and bomb rioters and enemies and enemy vehicles, shoot down enemy fighters and helicopters, and call tank, fighter, helicopter, and naval support, fly with other fighters and helicopters, and do airstrikes and dogfights, and just wage all out h e l l and have fun.We basically took notice of the LCPDFR mod and other police mods and took their features and added more!Hope you enjoy the game!I know the team here at Rockstar will! 😀 😀 😀

  • Bob

    qu’on puisse être invincible par les balles,les chutes et les explosions

    • Entrep

      Explosions? The more the better. Haha!

  • jacko

    will we still get a phone in gta 5

    • Entrep

      I think so…

  • bouse

    awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope thell be a fjy cheat and that on multyplayermode wel be abel o shot doo airplane

  • bouse

    you wa le explotoins i wat more

    • GTA Man

      shut up and learn how to spell.

  • NewYrkOvaWest

    I Hope We Can jUst Have No Limits for Where We Can Go Anymore Like Going Into Ahy Store We Wnt To Or Travel To Different Places just getten tha Point Across Dat This Game Should Be More Open Game Like Skyrim LET GAMERS EXPLORE

    • Mister Sandman

      That would be retarded and unrealistic, GTA V is being made to be more realistic.We, for the most part, can already do that, but we still need to have limits as to where we can go, such as the military base and island to the west, so f u c k off.

  • rich

    no cops, needs to be a cheat. sometimes they piss me off. and they get in the way when your trying to have fun.

    • steven

      shoot them all day long oh yeah

  • rich

    and infinite health and ammo. that’s always good when your having fun.

  • haizer

    yes i also can’t wait

  • wesley

    hope there’s aircrafts we can fly

  • Rob

    I noticed in gta4 there was a sub at the military base, can we use them in gta5? When I play if there is something in the game like a boat plane or sub, I want to be able to use it.

  • i hope they bring back SUPER PUNCH

    • you should shut the f*ck up!

      f*ck that sh*t its unrealistic, and so are you!

  • daniel

    I have always being a gta fan for as far as I can remember so I am really looking forward to the next instalment and I hope all the planes are accessible this time with better cars and weapons

  • ABoxOfPuppies1

    Hopefully there is a good Harley in this game.

  • lewis

    we definitely need jumbo jets in the game

  • ramiro

    Hope mutai player splitscreen like im gta sandandreas but no limit how far player can go from each other and be able to drive sapret cars and secret islands out in the waters and cool stuff on like crashed planes or a island that well make your boat/plane crash like in just cause 2 something like that

    • Mister Sandman

      Learn to spell you idiot

  • ramiro

    Apache,cobra,blackhawk tho would be awesome in gta espcailly with a big map amnd garages were you cam customize you vechicles

    • Mister Sandman

      Which you have to buy.

  • pavithran

    i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope we can use the trains and drive them, fly planes, dig holes, drive big rigs with the trailer, all types of stuff! TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

  • braucke

    can there be zombie cheats? also unlimited health and flying cars boets trucks and trains?

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      No for zombies and flying boats, trucks, cars, and trains, yes for unlimited health, but still, almost nothing unrealistic, we are making GTA V to be more realistic

  • jayydogg

    I hope their is a money cheat like in san andreas

    • Samuel Cherry

      fyeah that would be the shit

  • Gary Caviness

    they have to bring the gta San Andreas cheats back

    • Rich Smalls

      Totally dude it had the best cheats!!

  • lochi mills

    rockstar, are you going to realese a screenshot of how the hud is going to be set out

  • lochi mills

    rockstar, are you able to make it how the characters can get a job like be a cop or work at the shops like real life

    • RockstarTM Community Relations

      Yes as Michael you could work as a cop, soldier, shop-owner, store employee, EMT, and many others, but not as Franklin or Trevor as they are criminals who are openly committing various crimes.

  • eddie

    hurry up and get it out

  • john

    I hope that the next gta will have a zombie mode. that would make the game so much more enjoyable like red dead redemption:undead nightmare. look at call of duty there rates went way up after they put zombies on there.

  • Mister Sandman

    Hydra Tank cop car 1 2 3 and 4 cop bike cheetah comet fib buffalo army jeep army barracks sheriffs car 1 2 and 3 buzzard weapon .50 pistol bullpup shotgun hammer=weapon set-DLC pistol bat mossberg 500 norinco-type 57(ak47) minigun c4=weapon set 1 I Those are some cheats i want to see thumbs up if you agree 😀

  • seth

    FLYING CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would hang Obama

    learn to spell you super f u c k tard!

  • RockstarTM EmployeeConductTeam

    @ Rockstar Games If you’d work here where Im standing, you’d be fired.I’m one of the bosses of the RockstarTM Employee Conduct Team, I also know you don’t work at RockstarTM or it’s affiliates, how do I know?I checked your IP, no career record linking you to RockstarTM, so, cease your lies.

  • travis

    I would like to see hi jacking air plains and have funeral homes

  • steven

    i hope we can put the roof down on convertibles that would be so cool

  • RockstarGamesTMPublicRelations

    Hello, everyone. Rockstar here to announce that the gameplay for Grand Theft Auto V will come TONIGHT at 12:00 AM EACT (East American Coast Time) 3:00 PM UKT (United Kingdom Time) 10:00PM AT (Australian Time) and 3:00 AM WACT (West American Coast Time). If you live in Canada or the Central US then you will check at EACT (West Canada with WACT).

  • Pascual Rodriguez Jr.

    guns health cars money

  • Srsmokesalot94

    Chain-gun/MiniGun from GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City

  • J’Ron Tht Lowwkey Walker

    I really want this game can’t wait till it come out it will be the best gta ever I played gta since I was 3 years old now I’m older so can’t wait

  • myles crespin

    They should put skateboards


    I cant wait till the game comes out i hope there is finna be cheats from gta iv and the rest of the gta games previously this finna be dope tho

  • ariv5

    I Want Different cop cars, like suvs trucks, cars, helicopters, boats, bikes and atvs, instead of just the regular cop cars,

  • MikeyTX

    I want to see all the cheats from San Andreas

  • Steven Howe

    Should be a cheat for Money and weapons and Stuff

  • Steven Howe

    and a cheat to play as police like the mod on pc gta 4
    called LCPDFR

  • Bacchus

    will there be a cheat for zombies or chaos or something like that……Thats what i want

  • acemike

    I want some zombies in it

  • atm

    where is the money cheat???

  • Thaddues123

    Thanks these are really helpful!!but the unknown cheats are they definatly there just waiting to be found or what?i would love moon gravity and they should have flying cars!

    • Entrep

      Yup 99% they are there!

      • Thaddues123

        Is there a chance there is more aswell?when do you think ye will have them all figured out??

  • SCO

    Any chance of a lock wanted level cheat in the code?

  • chris

    i need a money cheat

  • Michael Smith


  • STN

    Phone Denied will likely mean that pedestrians cant call the cops on you.

  • Juniord817

    This isn’t cheats but u guys should go to this link

  • jeroen11dijk

    Do you think that there will be a money cheat???

  • gr8ram

    super jump is left, left, Y, Y, right, right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT (xbox 360)

  • uihexnoiwuehpu

    will this work for online?

    • Entrep


  • young money$$

    where is the cheat codes/

    • Entrep

      There’s two massive icons right above that show what you need to do…

  • franklin

    any cheats for Hydra?

    i mean P-996_Lazer

  • U.N.K.N.O.W.N

    any cheats for spawn hydra
    P-996 lazer jet?

  • WalterBristow

    I just got a response from Rockstar for my question asking them why they put a 5 minutes time limit in the Invincibility cheat and if it could be removed. Their answer:
    Angel M, Oct 09 08:23 pm (EDT):Hello,Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.We love the feedback our fans give us and hope you continue to enjoy our games. Thanks for the suggestion.If you have any other questions or technical issues please let us know. Cheers,Angel M

    Thats all. Better we start to forget a patch for fixing this. Not gonna happen.

  • randy1342


  • jim

    what are the buttons for the money cheat for ps3

  • elishayg


  • Tofik Nasrallah

    do you have chet about guns

  • rinor


  • Scatez Dhranest

    what no cheats money

    • Ivo Ozil

      lets try

  • Jeremiah

    For some reason the phone codes dont work at all for me on the playstation 4. Plus i tried all of then.

  • kyle

    that good for the ps 4

  • نكيرو

    انتم كلكوم امريكين

  • myia

    Yo need more

  • brooklyn

    I need cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now

  • tomgovier

    how do you get 1000.000.000 on ps3

  • hugo


  • yazil


  • Mony

    I want to play

  • Ivo Ozil


  • Ivo Ozil

    do they all works

Cheats & codes for Grand Theft Auto V