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LSPDFR 0.3 Updated Arrest System Preview

With the release of LSPDFR’s 0.3 build rapidly approaching, the team tirelessly keeps previewing the motherload of new features the mod is getting in this next major update. They’ve detailed how the backup (not the software kind, but the calling in the cavalry kind) customization will work, as well as the new interior the police … Continue reading LSPDFR 0.3 Updated Arrest System Preview

We Wish For Zombies In GTA V This Halloween

The possibility of upcoming DLC for GTA On this Halloween has been a hotly discussed and debated topic among GTA fans. While the holiday has never gotten a proper content update before, and GTA V has had the opportunity to cash in on the spoy celebration before, it’s always been passed over. However, it must … Continue reading We Wish For Zombies In GTA V This Halloween

Mini-Guide: GTA Online Freemode Events Part II

Continuing from last week’s inaugural GTA On Freemode Events tips part I, Rockstar has posted the second installment of their guide to mastering the all new missions and jobs introduced in patch 1.29. Let’s jump right in to the next four events: In Kill List, and its competitive version, you’ll be going against an endless … Continue reading Mini-Guide: GTA On Freemode Events Part II

Good Luck Fooling The New GTA Online Anti-Hack

We just posted some brand new info on the punishments players may now face for hacking or cheating in GTA On. The new punishments arrived via GTA V patch 1.29, and along side a new and shiny anti-cheat system contained the massive Freemode Events update, as well as a wealth of bug fixes. Now that … Continue reading Good Luck Fooling The New GTA On Anti-Hack

Newest GTA Online Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

GTA On patch 1.29, containing the Freemode Events DLC, has introduced a new anti-cheat system. Better yet, it introduced it in a way that does not shaft PC players. In fact not only are PC players unshackled from their previous restraints, the new system works marvellously, nicking cheaters and hackers in GTA On consistently. However, … Continue reading Newest GTA On Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

No More GTA V DLC For Last Gen – Rockstar Confirmed

Well, that’s it folks. We’ve suspected this is where the road it leading, but now we have official confirmation from Rockstar personnel that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are indeed going to miss out on further DLC content updates. This means that future patches will only contain bug fixes and tweaks, and no new … Continue reading No More GTA V DLC For Last Gen – Rockstar Confirmed

Rockstar’s Red Hook Really Should Be In GTA Online

Rockstar Games organizing bicycle races hasn’t gotten any less weird since last time, but oh well. This year, the Red Ho Criterium race returns to Milano for The Red Ho Criterium Milano No. 6, starting on the 10 of October, this Saturday. This will be the grand finale of the 2015 Red Ho Criterium Championship Series, … Continue reading Rockstar’s Red Ho Really Should Be In GTA On

GTA Isn’t Getting A Sequel; GTA Online Is

Not a week passes without future (potential) GTA V single player content being buried yet another league deeper into the cold embrace of the earth. We all know the tale of how, not long after the release of GTA V, Rockstar teased that the exploits of Michael, Trevor and Franklin would be further explored. GTA … Continue reading GTA Isn’t Getting A Sequel; GTA On Is

Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

The stars have not aligned, the sky is not falling, the end of the world is not nigh. Equally, the rapture is not coming to pass, the great spirit has not awakened and GTA VI didn’t get its first trailer. Sure, someone tried to make you think that the first GTA VI trailer had arrived, … Continue reading Check Out the GTA VI Fake Trailer “Fooling” Everyone

Will We Get Some Halloween GTA V DLC?

The day of the dead is fast approaching and some of you might be hoping that Rockstar will throw out a small clothing DLC or a weekend event to commemorate the event. However considering that two Halloweens have passed since GTA V was released, and not a single Halloween DLC was made to accompany them, … Continue reading Will We Get Some Halloween GTA V DLC?