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Import/Export & Festive Surprise Snapmatic Winners Announced

Double trouble

Rockstar is tying up some of 2016’s loose ends with the much-anticipated announcement of the winners of the past year’s final two Snapmatic competitions, however there is still a Rockstar Editor Contest which is aching for a winner. In the meantime however, let’s be awed once again at how many skilled photographers play GTA On….

Don’t Expect GTA 5 On The Nintendo Switch

You can’t take Trevor, Michael and Franklin on the go

With the recent press event revealing the details and launch up of the Nintendo Switch, the prolific company’s newest console, possible third-party team-ups are all the news. The Switch is a departure from what we’ve gotten used to in ways than one, and the extensive third-party support is one of them. Nonetheless, GTA 5…

GTA IV Meets Super Mario Odyssey

Not quite GTA on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s something

Nintendo recently revealed a great many details about their upcoming console, the Switch, which was initially revealed in late 2016. During the press conference, they showed off a number of launch titles, as well as other games that will come to the console later on. Naturally, GTA fans have already started making adaptations of the…

GTA Online Gets New Custom Car and Adversary Mode

The Dewbauchee Specter and Collection Time are now available

Grab your virtual wallets, folks, it’s update time! GTA On has been expanded yet again with a new high-end vehicle that can be customized at Benny’s Original Motorworks as well as an all new Adversary Mode. Of course, a handful of discounts are also being gifted to the players as usual. The new car on…

GTA Online’s Typical DLC Leak Seemingly Plugged

For the first time, the game files yield no answers

Import/Export was an “ending” DLC in many ways. It ended GTA On’s run for 2016 in terms of new content and it also might have ended the long-standing trend of leakers discovering data about upcoming updates based on data mining. Either that, or they’re keeping the info to themselves. Rumors and leaks have been a…

GTA 5 VS Los Angeles – An Interactive Map

That apartment building? Yeah, that’s actually there

It’s a well-known fact that GTA 5’s map is based on California, and the city of Los Santos is based on Los Angeles. However, you might be surprised to find out just how close the two are related. Some fans have put together a neat little tool that indexed all of the identical locations in both…

Grand Theft Game Design: Part 1 – Props

Because trees are actually meant to work like that

Have you ever played GTA 5, crashed into a tree and thought to yourself “damn, it’s strange how trees in this game have trunks stronger than the opinion of an ultra hardcore feminist, while lamp-posts offer about as much resistance than the French during wartime.”? Well, you’re likely not alone. Those aren’t the strangest things,…