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Newegg Leaks Remastered GTA V Release Date?


While some rumors are hinting that November 14 is the release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA V, other release dates for this much anticipated upgrade to the current Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game have been posted by various outlets.

Most retailers’ websites either list a standard placeholder date like December 31 or say nothing at all, but the US-based online hardware/software retailer Newegg has listed a date that we haven’t seen previously. And given this is Newegg we’re talking about, not some random European retailer, we’re inclined to give this date a little more credence…

GTA V’s PS4 page, Xbox One page, and PC page at Newegg all have a release date of November 18 this year shown.

Adding further weight to the potential November 18 release date is the fact that it’s a Tuesday, the specific day of the week when many high-profile games are released. Being prior to Thanksgiving is a nice little bonus too!

However you want to look at it Rockstar is fast running out of time to announce a release date. When do you think the remastered versions of GTA V will come out?

November 14 for the New Versions of GTA V?

GTA V November 14

We still don’t have an official release date for GTA V on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, a fact which has concerned some people and caused many rumors of a delay, but now more retailers have listed a release date for these games.

Littlewoods has updated the game’s listings to give a release date of November 14. Not only that, but Exertis Gem, the UK distributor for Take-Two Interactive, also changed the date to November 14 today.

Exertis Gem’s listing has since reverted to “To Be Confirmed, but neoGAF users got a picture first.

GTA V November 14 2

While we’ve seen many release date rumors before this, this isn’t the first time the date November 14 has surfaced as a possibility. Is it just a coincidence, or is there something to this rumor?

Activision Blizzard Could Buy Take-Two

Activision logo

What company would you trust with Grand Theft Auto?

Activision Blizzard, the holding company of Activision and Blizzard Entertainment, might be interested in buying Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games. On Friday, analyst Mike Hickey discussed the thoughts behind such a deal. For Activision Blizzard, it would be an incredible deal to obtain a company as successful as Take-Two.

Take-Two, meanwhile, appreciates the company’s “deep connections to Hollywood” and success with online games such as World of Warcraft. It seems Take-Two is interested in the possibility of making films based on its IPs.

Take-Two’s stock rose over 4% on the news. The fan response, however, has been nowhere near has good. In fact, it generally boils down to “No!”

This negativity is mainly because of Activision’s poor reputation among players, due to issues such as its annual Call of Duty releases. Blizzard is viewed favorably, but due to the nature of Activision and Blizzard’s merger, the company kept more of its autonomy than Take-Two might if it was acquired.

Do you think it would be good or bad for Activision Blizzard to buy Take-Two? Do you think Take-Two would accept an offer? Let us know in the comments, but before you panic, keep in mind that most of this is based on Hickey’s analysis. No formal offer has been made yet.

Radio Station Refresh Confirmed for New GTA 5 Versions


Now that we’ve confirmed GTA V is 100% confirmed and still on track for the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 this Fall, let’s talk about the cool stuff that might mean – things like improved graphics, mods for the PC version, new features, and also some brand new radio stations… Yup, new radio stations have been confirmed the next-gen and PC versions of GTA V by UK model Cara Delevingne.

She posted the image and caption you can see above to her Instagram feed recently, “Back with @rockstargames to update my GTAV radio station Non Stop Pop FM for new versions coming this Fall!”

Non Stop Pop FM is one of the contemporary adult stations available in GTA 5. It’s not immediately clear if the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game will get a radio station refresh too, but we are assuming they will. Similarly it’s not clear if other radio stations will get a fresh coat of pains, but again, we are assuming they will.

All in all this is fantastic news as it means Rockstar Games is going beyond simply improving the graphics in the next gen and PC versions of GTA V. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the new versions.

Official Rockstar Word: GTA V on PC, PS4, X1 Coming this Fall

We don’t plan on recapping everything that’s happened in the last few days, with rumors of the PC version of GTA V being completely cancelled, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game being delayed and other goings on because it’s all pretty much irrelevant now.

Rockstar Games has just confirmed that GTA 5 is still on track and will be released this Fall on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4!


You can check out the post here for yourself… someone decided to use their initiative and ask a question in the official Rockstar Support forums – “Is GTA V on PC cancelled, because the internet is going wild?” and thankfully, we got a response; all is well and we will be playing the game this coming Fall, also known as Autumn, or more accurately the months of September through to November.

So sit tight, relax and wait right here with us :)

Say GTA V is Delayed, Get Hacked


Several employees from a marketing firm called “Rantic” seem to have been speaking to a few journalists lately and telling them that GTA V is not only going to be delayed (cause yep, there are rumors of that happening too) but it will be CANCELLED!?

The story goes that Rantic was some sort of off-shoot (or otherwise related) to Rockstar North and the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and that, we guess, based on that they have the inside word on what Rockstar is planning? Yup, it’s weak.

Rantic have apparently even gone so far as to post these developments/beliefs on their website, which has since been hacked and taken over by members of 4chan (screenshot above). They say that Rockstar never even wanted to release a PC version of GTA, but was forced to due to public demand… Rantic mustn’t have heard of GTA: SA and GTA IV each being on PC then?

We guess the moral of the story is, don’t make such massive claims without hard evidence, or a stronger server… or even better, don’t make them about a game as popular and anticipated as GTA V for PC!

Rumor Buzz from Gamescom – GTA V for PC Delayed Until 2015


If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto V (OK, stupid question…) then the general “GTA V buzz” at Gamescom this year would not have been to your liking.

Although GTA 5 Cheats couldn’t attend in person, we’ve heard from several sources that there was plenty of gossip at this year’s famous German game fair that GTA V for PC would not be released until the first half of 2015… at the earliest!

This would be a pretty major delay and change from the only official announcements from Rockstar Games on the matter – until now they’ve only commented via the original announcement that a PC version was coming, along side versions for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, in Autumn this year.

In what could be interpreted as another bad sign, there was also no mention of the next-gen versions of the game at the show, which is somewhat ominous if it is indeed going to be launched within the new few months!

One issue which GTA 5 Cheats recently highlighted is that the nailing down the online portion of the game, GTA Online, might be particularly hard for the PC version. Rockstar has struggled to contain all the glitching in GTA Online for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3… and one can easily imagine glitching on a PC version of the game being taken to a whole new level.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear more… but just remember, at least at the moment, that Autumn is still very much the goal – we can’t wait to play GTA V on other systems either!

GAME Gives PS4, Xbox One & PC GTA V Release Date of 1 November


UK retailer GAME is making headlines today with a couple of tweets that saying Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 has a “provisional release date” of 1 November (this year).

What “provisional release date” is meant to mean we’re not exactly sure, but it’s mostly likely just a safety measure on GAME’s part, so that if the release date does change, they can point to that.

The tweets are also targeted to getting gamers to preorder GTA for PC or one of the next-gen consoles if they haven’t already… so we’re thinking that this potential release date of 1 November might really be a best case scenario, and that maybe we should expect some slippage.

Officially, all Rockstar Games has said about the new versions of GTA 5 is “autumn” – that’s the only official word at this stage.

PS: We realize the tweets didn’t refer to the PC version, but given Rockstar has been lumping them into one “release group” so are we!

Rockstar Says Lohan’s Case is Just for Publicity

GTA V Lacey Jonas 2

When Lindsay Lohan launched a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for using her likeness in GTA V, most people (including us) assumed she meant the woman in the bikini seen in most GTA V advertisements. We didn’t think much of the case at the time, but it turns out that isn’t the image she’s suing over.

Lohan’s lawsuit is over the character Lacey Jonas, a troubled, anorexic actress who appears in GTA V’s “Escape Paparazzi” event. She claims the character’s appearance, voice, and style of dress were all based on her. Take-Two and Rockstar say she’s only making the case because she wants publicity. They want her to drop it and pay the legal fees.

At least when Karen Gravano sued Rockstar for basing a character on her, obvious links between her and the character existed. But this? Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Jonas?

GTA V Lacey Jonas

If we really stretch our imaginations, the names sound similar, but overall we have to agree with Take-Two. The resemblance is tiny, and the case is absurd.

Brand New Sandbox and Air Race Glitches for GTA Online


Sometimes glitches can be a lot of fun, such as the GTA Online glitch we covered that allows you to run around in mid-air. Now, as of the recent update, two new glitches are possible that are little more sinister, unfortunately.

The reality is that glitches like these are widely known and easily discoverable, and that talking about them should bring the issue to air in a way that: (1) makes everyone more aware of exactly what is going on/broken in GTA Online; and (2) allows Rockstar to hopefully apply hotfixes to patch them – just like it recently did for an invincibility/god mode glitch, and which is great news. See here for more details on that.

Zero Wanted Level/Invincibility to Everything but Bullets

The first is a glitch discovered by Youtube user FreightTrainWTF for Sandbox Mode. It makes you invincible to everything except for bullet damage, and your wanted level will remain at zero stars no matter what you do. This means that while you can be killed, you’ll never attract the attention of the police or military.

To enter this specific “god mode,” just follow the steps below. You’ll need two friends to help you.

  1. One friend should enter an open lobby for any one of the Flight School DLC missions.
  2. Another friend should invite you to join his or her invite-only game.
  3. Once you’re in the lobby with your second friend, enter Spectator Beta to spectate that session.
  4. Then, once Spectator Beta has loaded, open the menu again and attempt to join your other friend in the Flight School lobby.
  5. Since the Flight School DLC missions are single-player, you’ll see the error message pictured above, telling you the session is full.
  6. You’ll return to the invite-only game with no missions on your radar. This means the glitch has been successful.
  7. When you die, the game will refuse to advance past the screen that says “Wasted.” Once again attempt to join your friend in the Flight School mission lobby, and you’ll be respawned with the glitch fully active.

Air Races Glitch

We’ve still got one more glitch to discuss. This one is minor in comparison, and used in respect of Air Races. Reddit user megaworm2002 discovered that Air Race checkpoints will activate when you fly beneath them no matter how low you are.

Therefore, by placing checkpoints at maximum and minimum altitude, you can trick the game into thinking you’ve completed a longer race in a very short period of time. For example, a race with one checkpoint at the minimum altitude and one directly above it at the maximum altitude will register as a 2 mile race, but you’ll be able to finish it in under 1 second.

However, this glitch doesn’t work when you test races, only during the actual race.

Like any glitches, these should and will hopefully be patched in the next update. At least you are now more fully aware of them and will have a better of idea of exactly what is going on should any scenarios like the above happen while you’re playing GTA 5. Good luck!