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Create the Best Capture Job, and You Could Win!


Well, it’s Friday, and if you’ve been keeping up with GTA Online news, you know what that means! You can now create your own Capture Jobs and upload them for other people to play.

In fact, Rockstar has decided to extend the Double GTA$ and RP for Capture Jobs until April 20, so keep playing Capture Jobs to get twice the rewards.

Finally, to further celebrate the launch of the new Capture Job Creator, this weekend will see the #CaptureWeekend Awards. When you create a Capture Job that you think could win the contest, go to the Social Club, head to the GTA Online section, and edit the job in question to include the tag #CaptureWeekend. You have until 11:59 PM Eastern Time this Sunday. The winning jobs will become Rockstar Verified. There will be four winners, each of whom will receive 1,000,000 GTA$, an in-game CAPTURE license plate, and the chance to join Rockstar in a Twitch broadcast.

Check out the official announcement , and start creating those Capture Jobs.

Romanian Retailer Lists PS4/X1 Versions of GTA V


Yes, we have yet another retailer listing the unannounced PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V. This time, it’s Altex, a large Romanian retailer. Both the PS4 version and the Xbox One version can be found on the website with an estimated release date of June 15…2015.

If this is accurate, GTA V won’t hit the next-gen consoles for over a year. Still, that’s sooner than the current official word, since Rockstar has yet to say anything. This wouldn’t be the first time Altex listed an unannounced game that was later announced, but we’ve seen this rumor so many times now, we have to be skeptical.

What do you think? Will GTA V ever come to the PS4 and Xbox One?

Update 1.12 is Out Today, Capture Job Creator on Friday


If you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming features we reported last week, you’ll be pleased to know they’re starting to roll out now. First, title update 1.12 is now available.

With title update 1.12, you can call Lester to have the cops “turn a blind eye to any crime you may or may not be committing for a short period of time.” You’ll also earn RP for liking or disliking content and get more money from Parachute, Races, Deathmatches and LTS jobs when fewer than 4 players participated. It also fixed a huge number of glitches and problems, so check out Rockstar’s notes for the full details.

You probably remember we said the Capture Job creator would be coming this week, and it’s true. Starting this Friday, April 11, you’ll be able to create your own Capture Jobs. In celebration, you’ll earn double GTA$ and RP for any Capture Job you play between now and then.

If you’ve never played a Capture Job before, Rockstar recommends:

  • Contend: Salty Snatch
  • GTA: All Abhorred
  • GTA: Field of Screams
  • Hold: Frieght Fight
  • Raid: High Road
  • Raid: Wargames

Have fun, and let us know what you plan to do when the Capture Job creator comes out!

German Retailer Says GTA V is Coming to PC/X1/PS4


It’s another rumor from a retailer, but this one has more credibility than most, because it’s more than just a listing for GTA V on the PC, Xbox One, or PS4 found on a retailer’s website. The German retailer Tweeted:

Translated, that means:

Because I was just asked: the release of #GTAV for PC and XBOX one PS4 is expected for June. #rumors #abgeNICKt

Of course, many false rumors have come out before, so don’t set too much stock in this. Maybe all the rumors alone will convince Rockstar to make an official announcement.

Could the Next GTA Be Set in Liberty City?

GTA logo

We really don’t know a lot about the next Grand Theft Auto game. It’s been too early even for solid rumors. But we’ve got a new rumor for you now that suggests it could be set in Liberty City.

Hip hop DJ and producer DJ Whoo Kid was recently interviewed, and the topic of video games came up. He mentioned some of the games he’s been in, including the upcoming GTA game “that takes place in New York again.”

Now, this could be a DLC for GTA V, not a complete game. No matter what it is, though, if DJ Whoo Kid is right, Grand Theft Auto is returning to New York… and that means Liberty City.

We’ll keep you updated if we learn anything official.

GTA Online Spring Update Includes Co-op Heists


Today, Rockstar posted some of the new features that will be coming to GTA Online this spring. These updates begin next week, with the launch of the Capture Creator, which will allow you to create and upload Capture Jobs.

Next, you can look forward to the High Life Update, which brings new clothing, new high-class apartments, three new vehicles, the Bullpup Rifle, and the Dinka Thrust motorcycle. It will also allow GTA Online players to own two properties and garages at the same time, bring new jobs, and introduce the Mental State stat.

Perhaps the most exciting news, however, is that sometime this spring, you’ll be able to play Heist missions with a co-op partner, something a lot of fans have wanted for a while now. We aren’t sure exactly how this will work, but we’ll let you know as soon as we learn more.

Rockstar also plans to undo the recent fix that made motorcycle/bike stunts impossible, add an option to play races without collision effects, crack down on players who have used glitches to increase their RP, and more. Check out the official update for all the details, and for information on how to contact Rockstar with your own ideas.

New Images Hint at Mission Creator

GTA 5 mission creator 1

It’s been a while since we heard new rumors about GTA Online’s mission creation tool. Today, Reddit user michaelpece posted pictures of a content creator he accidentally accessed. He thought it was the menu used by devs, but other users believe it will eventually be a part of the mission creator.

GTA 5 mission creator 2

The images show options like “survival creator,” “parachute jump,” and “vehicle deathmatch,” among others. According to Reddit users, you can get parachute jump and vehicle deathmatch to work, albeit with bugs.

According to michaelpece, he was on the creator menu and was signed out of PSN, and then this apparent developers’ creation tool became available. When he tried to use it, it disappeared.

These look like very interesting features. What are your thoughts?

Beware GTA V “Beta” Spam


We know you’re excited about the possibility of a GTA V release on PC…and so do spammers. A new spam email has been circulating which pretends to be an invitation for a Windows beta test for GTA V. It provides a “code” in the form of a zip file, which actually contains malware.

If you get such an email, don’t let your excitement over GTA V cloud your judgment. We’ll let you know if we hear anything about a legitimate beta, and in the meantime, be wary of any suspicious emails.

Charity SpecialEffect Helps Disabled Gamer Play GTA V


SpecialEffect is an interesting charity. It focuses on helping people with disabilities play video games, and one of the most recent players they helped was a man named Lee.

Before Lee developed spinal muscular atrophy, he loved to play video games, but afterwards, he lost his ability to do so. SpecialEffect developed equipment that allowed him to play by using joysticks with his chin and triggering microswitches through minor finger movements.

Now, he can play many games, including GTA V, something he never thought he’d be able to do. We’re very happy for Lee, and proud that the good people at SpecialEffect help disabled gamers return to the hobbies they love. These are the sorts of stories that remind us how much good there is in the world.

Learn more about Lee’s story in this video from SpecialEffect, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.