Another Week Long GTA V Event Announced

Rockstar sure likes to keep your GTA Online wallet fat. They’re keeping their streak of double GTA $ and RP week-long events going strong this month as well. Initially players thought that the events’ purpose is to help them recover financially after the Ill-Gotten Gains updates, however with all of these events happening consecutively it seems more likely that this is an attempt by Rockstar at motivating players to acquire in-game currency by “legal” means as opposed to hacks or cheating.


In between the third and ninth of August, GTA Online players completing the Pacific Standard Job heist will receive twice as much RP and in-game currency as per all the previous events. This is the last of the double RP events Rockstar has lined up, and as such players ¬†must complete the most difficult heist in GTA Online to reap the rewards. As is standard procedure with these events, it isn’t just the heist itself which grants players additional rewards, but the set-up jobs and related challenges as well.

With Rockstar topping off their string of GTA Online events, players have begun to speculate that they are building up to some sort of new content update, which is most likely going to be the “Lowlife” DLC which has been working the rumor mill so much lately. Other evidence suggests that it will most likely be launched soon, and this string of events just adds to that theory. It seems like Rockstar has been lining the pockets of GTA Online players with the purpose of readying them for the upcoming update, which is a tad ironic considering we’re looking at something called “Lowlife”, so one would assume it won’t contain particularly expensive items! But all these double GTA$ events lead us to believe that Rockstar has something planned that will chew into our in-game bank accounts big time.

Will you guys capitalize on this last big GTA Online event?

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