23 GTA V Cheats Down, Invincibility, Weapons & Health to Come

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Update #5: All the cheats have now been cracked! Check them out for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Update #4: The latest cheat has been broken – Super Jump!

Update #3: The cheat for Moon Gravity has been discovered!

Update #2: A Spawn BMX cheat has been found!

Update #1: Skyfall and Faster Swimming cheats have been found. That means 25 confirmed cheats so far and at least six (including invincibility, weapons, and health & armor) to go…

Thanks to some tricky programming skills which we aren’t going to get into, it looks like someone has been able to access at least part of the actual game files for GTA V. What they’ve found is that we should expect a lot more cheats to be discovered than the 25 in total that we already have.

The full list of cheats referenced from the game files is below (excluding 11 entries referring to the vehicle spawn cheats) and as you can see many of them have already been found. With 25 down we have just eight to go, including the all mighty Invincibility, Health & Armor and All Weapons cheats!

You’ll probably notice one big, glaring omission though – no Money cheat was found in the files! Perhaps Rockstar think we should be able to make enough from the BAWSAQ (GTA V stock market) and other in-game businesses and that therefore one isn’t necessary?

GTA V Cheats Yet to be Cracked

  1. All Weapons
  2. Health & Armor
  3. Invincibility
  4. Phone Denied – Update: confirmed not to be an actual cheat, but something to do with cheat messages…

Already Known Cheats

  • Change Weather
  • Drunk Mode
  • Explosive Melee
  • Explosive Rounds / Bang Bang
  • Fast Running
  • Fast Swimming
  • Flaming Bullets
  • Give Parachute
  • Moon Gravity
  • Restore Special Ability Meter
  • Slidey / Slippery Cars / Drift Mode
  • Slow Motion Aiming
  • Slow Motion Time
  • Skyfall
  • Super Jump
  • Various Vehicle Spawns (11 in total)
  • Wanted Level Down
  • Wanted Level Up

What we will say is that you should sit tight guys. The game has not even been released in the US and we already have the majority of the cheats. Those remaining should be posted very soon… It would also be nice to find a money cheat if one exists (was not in the “game files list” at all).

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