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Cheats have long been a part of the Grand Theft Auto series of games and indeed when GTA V was first announced, gamers everywhere began thinking about what types of cheats we might expect for it.

With the game being released for quite some time now, and all the cheat codes for it having been discovered, gamers need not ponder any more. In fact, cheats for Grand Theft Auto V are exactly what this website is about (hence the name, GTA 5 Cheats) and you can find the full list of cheats for each of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game right here, as well as all the cell phone versions.

Broadly speaking, the cheats in GTA 5 are divided into four different categories as follows: (1) player effects (like invincibility and super jump); (2) items cheats (like give weapons); (3) world effects (like change weather, gravity); and (4) spawn vehicles. If you’re looking for a money cheat, sadly there is none. However we are pleased to say that GTA 5 Cheats has an official app you can download for both the iOS and Android. Our app offers extremely fast and easy access to all the cheat codes for GTA 5… so we hope you enjoy!

It’s also important to note that cheats for GTA V are only available in single player mode. If you want to gain an advantage in GTA Online then the best we can offer you is our very comprehensive list of hints and tips. You won’t find any give money or weapons, or vehicle spawn cheats there, but having a read through that guide will give you the best possible chance of gaining a winning advantage over your opponents in GTA Online.

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