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If you’re looking for Grand Theft Auto V cheats you’ve come to the right place. Cheats have long been a part of the GTA series of games and are exactly what we focus on (plus daily news). Check out the full list of cheats and codes for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of GTA V here, as well as all the cell phone cheats.

For GTA Online we have you covered with a ton of guides, tips and tricks you’ll find here. This is our stance on GTA Online cheats.

Broadly speaking, the cheats in GTA 5 are divided into four different categories: (1) player effects (like invincibility and super jump); (2) items cheats (like give weapons); (3) world effects (like change weather, gravity); and (4) spawn vehicles.

And if you're looking for a money cheat, sadly there is none. However we are pleased to say that GTA 5 Cheats has an app you can download for both iOS and Android. It gives you the fastest and easiest access to all the cheat codes for GTA 5... so we hope you enjoy!

Latest GTA V cheats and news

  1. GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Guide Part 2

    Last week, Rockstar posted the first part of their official guide to GTA On’s new Stunt Race Creator. The Creator was the crown-jewel of the Cunning Stunts series of DLC. We call it a DLC series since it entailed four updates spread across the space of a month, so it might as well be considered…

  2. GTA Online: Calm Down, Transfers Aren’t Going Away

    A bit of news has been spreading across the GTA community like wildfire and it has people up in arms. However, said bit of news has been torn out of context and spun in a way that is bound to generate clicks while also causing some controversy for even publicity. Surprisingly enough, we’re not…

  3. GTA 6 Foreign City Of The Week: Moscow

    While GTA 6 City of the Week los at one location in the USA and evaluates it as a possible setting of the next installment in Rockstar Game’s popular open-world action adventure franchise every week, Foreign City of the Week, as the name suggests, los beyond the borders. Having written about Rio last time, riding…

  4. GTA Online Would Benefit From A Battle Royale Mode

    Whenever long stretches of time pass in between the release of two major GTA On DLCs, the community always flares up in terms of speculation as to what kind of content they hope to see in the game. Of course, that speculation is there at all times, because this is the Grand Theft Auto community…

  5. GTA Online’s Newest Event Kicked Off

    It seems that the former trend of weekly events being d up back-to-back to keep the GTA On playerbase busy in between DLC releases has returned. Last week we got an event doubling the RP and cash payout on three Adversary Modes which followed the theme of a team of bodyguards protecting a VIP from…

  6. GTA 6 City Of The Week: Indianapolis

    GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting. This week for GTA 5 wasn’t particularly news-heavy. There were no big releases, announcements or reveals…

  7. GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Guide Part 1

    Not too long ago, GTA On received the Stunt Race Creator update after about a month of fanfare and lead-up supplied by Cunning Stunts and its pair of mini-updates. Some time ago, back when the summer was just kicking off, Rockstar announced plans for a pair of DLCs which were intended to fill the game…

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