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If you’re looking for Grand Theft Auto V cheats you’ve come to the right place. Cheats have long been a part of the GTA series of games and are exactly what we focus on (plus daily news). Check out the full list of cheats and codes for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of GTA V here, as well as all the cell phone cheats.

For GTA Online we have you covered with a ton of guides, tips and tricks you’ll find here. This is our stance on GTA Online cheats.

Broadly speaking, the cheats in GTA 5 are divided into four different categories: (1) player effects (like invincibility and super jump); (2) items cheats (like give weapons); (3) world effects (like change weather, gravity); and (4) spawn vehicles.

And if you're looking for a money cheat, sadly there is none. However we are pleased to say that GTA 5 Cheats has an app you can download for both iOS and Android. It gives you the fastest and easiest access to all the cheat codes for GTA 5... so we hope you enjoy!

Latest GTA V cheats and news

  1. GTA 6 Foreign City Of The Week: Rio De Janeiro

    Following the massive success of GTA 6 City of the Week, we’ve decided to expand the series with companion articles loing at cities located on the other side of the US border. While locations outside the USA have a very low chance of actually becoming a GTA setting, seeing as the game franchise is deeply rooted…

  2. GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races

    GTA On has received yet another mini-update leading up to next week’s release of the Stunt Race Creator. The Cunning Stunts update was slated to contain the overhaul to the Content Creator, however that feature was ayed and placed over into its own DLC, with the gap being bridged by two smaller scale updates running…

  3. GTA V’s PEDs Made More Realistic (Mod)

    Alternate title: GTA V’s PEDs turned into assholes. If you’ve been following the GTA V modding scene, you’ll probably be familiar with the very-over-the-top modder known as ZiPPO RAID. He’s best-known creation is probably the gore, violence and ragdoll overhaul, which has gotten over 60 thousand unique downloads. Granted, that was created with the help…

  4. GTA 5 Publisher CEO Strauss Zelnick On Games Industry

    In spite of having confirmed himself to be uninterested in video games as a hobby or pastime, Strauss Zelnick is pretty vocal about the state of the industry. As one of the outspen publisher leads, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software (publisher of GTA 5) Zelnick has often shares his insights on gaming, much…

  5. GTA Online Biker DLC Discovered?

    Just as we’ve recently discussed the possible future of GTA On in light of the most recent DLC, Cunning Stunts, it seems that time for immediate speculation could be over. Rockstar has kept up a steady stream of incoming content updates for GTA On for quite some time now and has not shown any signs…

  6. GTA 5’s Jetpack Mystery

    While many game franchises are known for masterfully hiding easter eggs, few are quite as famous for their easter eggs as the GTA franchise. While the hidden secrets have only become a staple of Rockstar’s hit open world crime franchise in the 3D era, this trend continued on into the HD era. One of the…

  7. GTA 6 City Of The Week: Honolulu

    GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting. GTA On isn’t giving its players too much down-time it seems. In spite of the recent…

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